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Cambio Earth Systems Set to Redefine Earth Science Software for Risk-Informed Decision Making

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cambio Earth Systems Inc. is announcing its launch today as a leading provider of earth science software for critical infrastructure. As an independent organization within the BGC Engineering group of companies, Cambio Earth Systems has been established to advance the development and adoption of the Cambio™ cloud platform, enabling operators around the world to build climate resiliency into their assets through risk-informed decision making.

“We are thrilled to unveil Cambio Earth Systems and our mission to help protect critical infrastructure in the face of a changing climate,” says Jason Krause, CEO of Cambio Earth Systems. “Geohazards threaten the integrity of assets across the globe with pipelines, railways, roads, highways, dams, levees and other assets increasingly at risk due to changing climate patterns. The combination of BGC Engineering’s technical excellence and our software expertise has allowed us to create Cambio, a game-changing earth science cloud platform now in use by key decision-makers to manage risk.”

Built on two decades of earth science software expertise, Cambio is used by over 100 organizations to digitally transform how they collect, analyze, and visualize earth science data. The software offerings of Cambio Earth Systems help users drive better, faster, risk-informed decision making.

Cambio for Critical Infrastructure is used by operators to characterize, assess, and monitor over 300,000 geohazards across more than 500,000 km of pipeline and transportation infrastructure. Using the software, they have successfully realized 5X-10X reductions in risk through proactive geohazard management over the last 10 years.

Cambio for Mining is used around the world for digital tailings storage facility management and hazard management throughout the mine life cycle. Operators can improve quality while also boosting team productivity amid rising demands for stakeholder engagement, regulatory oversight, and standards conformance.

Cambio Earth Systems software developers, along with BGC engineers and geoscientists, work closely together to design and build Cambio-based applications that are highly differentiated from existing software; enabling both companies to achieve the goal of helping clients find solutions to their most complex earth science challenges.

“Establishing Cambio Earth Systems as a new entity represents a fundamental step forward in achieving our goal,” says Steve Hedberg, President & CEO, BGC Engineering. “By making the Cambio platform broadly accessible across the industry, we can empower critical infrastructure owners and operators worldwide to enhance the resilience of their assets.”