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Powering data-driven decisions
for critical infrastructure

Cambio is a cloud-based software platform that enables critical infrastructure decision makers across a wide range of industries to manage risks and make smart decisions.

Cambio integrates multiple data sources with powerful analytic and visualization tools that provide real-time insights in an easy-to-understand context.


Managing geohazards across a vast, remote network is a significant challenge. Cambio integrates and manages your hazard data, including inspections, IMU, lidar, instruments, and data from third-party sources.

Using algorithms and machine learning, Cambio assesses and prioritizes your geohazards, enabling you to make risk-driven decisions and optimize your budget allocation.

Ongoing situational awareness is critical, and Cambio has you covered with real-time monitoring and alerting for precipitation, flooding, and seismic activity.

Critical Info Struc Cambio
Pipeline Construction

Advanced geohazard management for a major pipeline operator

  • Cambio supports over 25,000 km of operator infrastructure across North America
  • Integrates geohazard inventories, risk-based assessments, digital field inspections, IMU and change detection
  • Automated monitoring of extreme events provides real-time situational awareness
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Geohazards impact global railway, road and highway infrastructure, causing traffic disruptions, service outages and asset degradation. Critical infrastructure faces increased risk from extreme weather events.

Cambio provides operators with a proven risk-based approach to geohazard and geotechnical asset management (GAM). By integrating data and using systematic hazard assessment, operators can compare risks and prioritize investments in monitoring and mitigation efforts.

Railway Screen Shot
Cambio Industries Transport

Powering critical operational decisions for a rail operator

  • Cambio enables operational decisions based on geohazard situational awareness
  • Rockfall, landslide, and washout hazards are all managed on the platform
  • Real-time weather data and alerts are integrated to manage service disruptions and safety risks
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Mining operations face significant challenges associated with data management and the need to make rapid, risk-informed decisions. Based on deep earth science expertise, the Cambio platform uniquely provides data integration, analytics, visualization, and digital workflows tailored for mining.

It supports tailings management, hazard management, closure activities, safety compliance, and stakeholder engagement throughout the lifecycle of geotechnical structures at a mine site.

Cambio Screenshot
Cambio Industries Mining

Providing digital tailings management software for a remote mine

  • Cambio drives Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) management for a remote gold mine
  • Digital knowledge database includes design reports, inspections, records and logs
  • Digital action tracking integrated with Tailings Management System (TMS) and Operating Management Systems (OMS) requirements
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With the impact of a changing climate, governments and communities are actively recognizing, understanding, and managing geohazard related risks.

Cambio manages information for stakeholders and tracks, evaluates, and manages the risks to these communities. The results then inform land use and mitigation planning, bylaw enforcement, emergency management, and asset management.

Cambio Communities
Cambio Industries Communities

Managing geohazard risks for a rural community

  • Cambio supports assessment and management of increased geohazard risk from wildfires
  • Tracks the risk of flooding and debris flow, as well as unstable slopes
  • Addresses the safety impact of risks on homes, schools and other infrastructure in the community
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Power generation facilities and transmission lines face the full spectrum of hazards, from slope stability and landslides to floods and snow avalanches.

Electric utilities use Cambio to implement comprehensive, risk-driven geohazard management programs that enable optimized allocation of investments in monitoring and mitigation.

Cambio Energy Infrastructure
Cambio Industries Hydro

Managing slope stability and erosion for a hydroelectric reservoir

  • Cambio inventories and characterizes slope hazards with digital field inspection workflows
  • Rapid analysis with integrated 3D point cloud change detection and InSAR
  • Integrated geotechnical instrumentation with automated and manual readings to monitor high-risk slopes
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