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The Cambio Earth Systems Story

Over two decades of earth science software excellence

Cambio Earth Systems is the world leader in software for geohazard management and risk-informed decision-making, combining deep earth science expertise with advanced data integration, machine learning, analytics, and visualization.

We have been delivering industry-leading earth science software and analytics services for over 20 years as part of the BGC Engineering group of companies.

Cambio and BGC Engineering
Cambio Engineering Team

Our Milestones


Launch of the first BGC geohazard database platforms for pipeline and railway operators.


Public launch of the software platform under the Cambio brand.


Launch of Cambio as a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service offering.


Launch of real-time flood, precipitation, and seismic monitoring & alerting service.


Launch of the new cloud-optimized Cambio version 3, including the Cambio Mobile application, and rich visualization tools.


Launch of fully automated 3D point cloud change detection, in the cloud. Awarded patent covering the cloud GPU-based processing techniques.


Launch of the first Cambio for Mining offering, focused on the digital transformation of Tailings Storage Facility Management.


Reached 500,000+ km of linear infrastructure under management and 100+ organizations using Cambio.


Launch of Cambio Earth Systems as an independent company focused on accelerating the adoption of Cambio across the industry.

At Cambio Earth Systems, we work with you to build true climate resilience into your critical infrastructure operations, benefiting our communities, the environment, and the economy.

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