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Cambio Earth Systems at Geo-Congress

Our Sr. Product Manager, Katie Burkell, presented at Geo-Congress on the topic of geotechnical asset management challenges in the Pipeline, Transportation, and Mining sectors.

In her presentation, Katie explains that earth science risk management and decision making is more difficult than ever due to four major reasons:

  • Increasing regulatory oversight and standards requirements
  • Rapidly changing environment with more extreme events
  • More and more data requiring better, faster insight
  • Growing need for visualization and sharing of data, in context

These challenges guided BGC to invest in software platforms to advance the state of practice in geohazard management, which in turn led to the creation of Cambio Earth Systems, a dedicated team of over 65 individuals focused on software development and support. As a result, there has been a notable increase in Cambio users along with a surge in data integration. The operational focus and structure have been fine-tuned to ensure the delivery of an enterprise-grade software platform that caters to the specific needs of clients. This includes an accelerated roadmap of features, seamless support for third-party consultants, advanced security measures, and enhanced reliability features. Moreover, Cambio offers easy integration capabilities with other systems, making it a comprehensive solution for geohazard management.

So, how can Cambio elevate your approach to geotechnical data management? By integrating diverse and complex data sources, Cambio provides a unified context for all your geotechnical information. Its advanced machine learning algorithms deliver powerful insights, while real-time monitoring and customizable alerts ensure you’re always in the know. The intuitive dashboards offer a clear overview of your data, enabling swift, informed decision-making. With workflow optimization at its core, Cambio facilitates seamless data sharing and progress tracking among team members, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Overall, this presentation was an insightful overview of how Cambio is leading the future of geotechnical data management—where efficiency meets intelligence.