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Cambio Earth Systems featured in the Globe & Mail

Cambio Earth Systems was recently featured in an article for The Globe & Mail, “Integrated data solution for safeguarding critical infrastructure and the environment.”

We provide analytical and visualization tools that enable operators of infrastructure to make better, faster, risk-informed decisions.

– Jason Krause, CEO, Cambio Earth Systems Inc.

The article focused on the launch of Cambio Earth Systems Inc., explaining the connection to BGC Engineering, and highlighting how as an independent company we are developing our products and services for users in sectors from mining, pipelines and transportation to energy and communities.

The article was part of the Investing in Mining Report special section, and it explained how Cambio supports the full mining lifecycle – from feasibility studies and open-pit design to closure planning – and is especially critical for tailings storage facilities or dams, which are coming under more scrutiny and regulatory control. It digitizes workflows and builds a long-term digital knowledge base required by new standards.

Jason Krause explained that Cambio is already used by some 100 organizations to monitor more than 500,000 kilometres of linear assets and multiple mine sites. Cambio Earth Systems is quickly scaling internationally, Jason added, because “critical infrastructure is everywhere.”